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{Wednesday, February 12, 2003}

Day One - It's a beautiful day in the City of Roses. Went for a short 3-mile run up into the kenilworth neighborhood and back. My left quad is still a little sensitive fom the Vegas Marathon . Just got off the phone with Tessa (head coach of Lewis & Clark College Crew); she and Jenny, the other assistant coach, are trying to scout out a decent stretch of the Willamette River for a race this Spring. We can't reasonably use the stretch of water near Oaks Park because there will be too many salmon fisherman in the way.

I'll keep it short today for my first-ever blog. Before heading to my evidence book and some breakfast, I'm pondering why the US is risking the break-up of NATO and how the White House can say, with a straight face, that the latest message from ole bin laden proves any connection with Iraq.

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