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{Monday, February 17, 2003}

Happy Monday!
Most normal people would be depressed by the gray and rain coming down out of the sky this Monday. However, I got up at 5 am and got to be on the river for our first week of practice. Monday's I get to coach the varsity men's 8+ and that is going to be a treat. Also, with the new survival suits that Tessa got us, I remain warm and dry. It was only on the way back to docking the launches did I even really realize that it was rainy and cold.

Moment of the day happened after the eerily dawn-lit sky lightened up some more and I stopped the crew so that we could all look at the full or mostly full moon set throught the trees of the West Hills. I told them that we're special in that we got to see that and most of our classmates didn't.

I haven't really bounced back into the schedule of running yet. I'm hoping to get back at it in earnest tomorrow with a nice 6-miler. That's if I get my Patent Law reading done before the morning.

On the political front, it was stunning to see the sheer number of people throughout the world saying no to war. There may be good reasons to keep pressure on ole Saddam but the Bush Administration is doing a horrible job at selling that idea to anybody and they don't seem to be listening to anyone either. The drums of war beat on...

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