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{Friday, May 23, 2003}

After years of wavering over whether I should be an engineer or not, in the Fall of 2000 I decided to walk away from the profession and enter law school. I originally went into engineering mostly because I was good at numbers and felt insecure about my writing skills. Law school took me away from the comfort zone of numbers and made me confront my insecurity about my writing skills. And on top of that, by choosing to the path of Patent Law I am now faced with the prospect of being meticulous about the language I use, down to the very last word and punctuation mark. Words and their structure deeply matter in a patent. However, in patent law, I get to keep my head exposed to numbers through the learning of each new technology that I will deal with for patents or even patent litigation.

Rowing stuff - This evening, the second round of National Team Selection regattas occurs. I know four different athletes competing for spots on the US national team. Kate Johnson and Graham Taylor are former ORU rowers competing in the pairs event. Kate rowed bow seat in the US world championship 8+ last summer. Graham has yet to make the senior national team but has rowed at the under-23 championships for the US. The ever-dominating Lisa Schlenker already won the lightweight singles spot at the first selection trial but she is competing this weekend in the lightweight double because that is the olympic event for lightweight women. She's doubled up with a woman I am not familiar with. Stacy Borgman is also competing in the lightweight double after finishing, I believe, 3rd or 4th in the singles trials. She is a fellow Lewis & Clark Law School student who took a leave of absence this year to pursue her rowing dreams full-time. Good luck to them all!!

In my garden I'll be turning soild tonight in some of my flower/vegetable beds for planting this weekend. I still have a number of beds to clear and the whole back corner is once again a jungle of weeds, vines and blackberries.

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{Thursday, May 22, 2003}

After a dismal start to this whole blogging thing, I hope to actually contribute this summer.

Finals are becoming a distant memory (or nightmare) and I find myself closing in on the end of my second week of work. Finances still suck and will remain that way until at least the middle of June. But, there is light and by July I might be making actual headway rather than continually fading backwards.

Rowing Stuff: In the collegiate world, the women's NCAA championships are completely up for grabs. At the beginning of the season, I thought that Stanford's victory in the Fall at the Head of the Lake over UW was a fluke. But lo and behold, the Cardinal pulled off a Pac-10 Championship. But look out for those Big-10 programs and maybe even the old Black & White of Radcliffe (though the NCAA insists on listing them as Harvard).
With the men, at least the top 3 or 4 spots are firm though the order of finish is now up in the air. After winning race after race, Cal finally lost the Pac-10 grand final to UW. And Harvard whoopin' up on Wisco at Sprints caught me a little off guard. Here's my top 4 and predicted order of finish:
1. Cal
2. U Wash
3. Wisco
4. Harvard

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