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{Friday, June 06, 2003}

Another scorcher today here in the ole Rose City. I watered my roses plenty this morning as well as everything else. The heat has been accompanied by some rather dry air in the afternoons/evenings with RHs below 20%. If you don't water things, they pretty much are dessicated by the time you get home from work.

I've got to fax my last law school class registration into the registrar today. We have to bid for our classes; we're given 100 points per semester to spread out amongst our chosen classes. In the Fall semster, I'm bidding heavily for Income Tax which is taught by the very popular Professor Jack Bogdanski. He maintains an entertaining and informative blog that I've become addicted to reading. I'm also bidding heavy for my last required course, Regulation & Ethics of Law, to make sure I don't get shut out of it. I'm putting together a heavy fall semester (17 credits). But, that will allow me to take a nice and light spring semester (12 credits).

Another class/seminar/clinic I'm really looking forward to is a brand new offering: Clinical Internship Seminar/ Business Advising. I have to apply to get in but I think my real world experience of a dozen years before entering law school will help in that regard as well as my heavy tilt toward Intellectual Property. The fall consists of a class taken in conjunction with a bunch of Portland State business school students. Then in the spring, we split up into 4-person teams, 2 law students & 2 b-students, and get to apply ourselves in real-life, supervised, situations. Pretty cool for a law school class.

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{Thursday, June 05, 2003}

It's unusually warm for this time of year. Specifically it is rarely this warm during the Rose Festival. Typically it might get warm the week before the festival starts. Then it will be rainy an cold until the Rose Festival fleet leaves which is the unofficial beginning of summer in Portland. Last I checked it was 94 at the airport. I'm planning on planting a bunch more flowers and veggies tonight. I might have to set up the sprinkler just to stay cool.

My favorite headline I saw today during lunch from the Oregonian: "Bush: We Will Reveal the Truth." What, have you been hiding it from us so far????

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{Wednesday, June 04, 2003}

"Is it Safe"
Oh my, it was an abcess. $200+ later I'm on some heavy-duty antibiotics and vicadin whne necessary. Oh how I can't wait to have full insurance coverage again.

I'm still taken aback by Sammy's corked bat incident last night. I almost believe his explanation that he only uses those for batting practice to give the crowd a spectacle. But it sure leaves a big cloud hanging over him and all of his hitting accomplishments. I got to see him hit one of his first HRs in Wrigley back in ...1997 or so (can't quite remember clearly right now) when I was in Chicago on a business trip. It was a night game and Sammy, at the time, surprised everyone by winning the game with a home run in the bottom of the 10th.

Vicadin is kickin' my ass so I'll maybe try to add something later.

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{Tuesday, June 03, 2003}

A gave me an awesome early birthday present last night. She took me to see Blue Man Group. I'd been raving about wanting to see them the last couple of times we went to Las Vegas. She totally surprised me. And, they were incredible. There were two opening acts: Traci Bonham (my roommate was a high school classmate of hers at South Eugene), and Venus Hum. Bohnam was great doing a solo fiddle-based version of Led Zep's Black Dog. However, the sound system sucked for her performance. The next group was very reminiscent of Bjork. And, during Blue Man Group's performance, both Bohnam and the female singer from Venus Hum sang various tunes.

I'd go on more but for the fact that I have an almost debilitating toothache. It started on saturday and has now flared out of control. I'm trying to see a dentist today. I called the County and found out I do not currently qualify because of my current monthly income. If this had happened last month, when my only income was the $200+ monthly check for coaching, then I could get in. But I am in that twilight zone of no coverage between semesters. Ouch. (And I really mean Ouch)

"Is it safe?" (from The Marathon Man)

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{Monday, June 02, 2003}

What an exhausting yet relaxing weekend. The exhausting part was getting up at 4 am on Saturday and 4:45 am on Sunday. The relaxing part was floating down the Willamette from Corvallis to Portland following a bunch of crazy rowers. Highlights for me included turning off the outboard engine and drifting across gravel bars, numerous Ospreys and going through the locks at Willamette Falls in Oregon City (that was cool!). I scouted out a potential new stretch of river for racing a 2k just above West Linn. T and I discussed it earlier this spring as an option for when too many salmon fisherman clog our portion of the river. It was beautiful, well protected from West and South winds and had plenty of room for a 2k race.

As far as college rowing goes: H-A-H, V-A-H, D - Hahvahd Uber Alles. What a finish for Harvard. Their HW men win the varsity 8+ at IRAs and take home the team points trophy, their LW men win IRAs, the varsity HW Women win the varisty 8+ race at NCAAs and take home the team trophy and the lightweight women take second in their championships. That is absolutely dominating. While I am ambivalent about Harry Parker, though I respect him immmensely, I've had the pleasure of meeting Liz O'Leary and I am very happy for her. On the DIII side, UPS took second in the var 8s and second place in the team points. Hopefully this tremendous finish by UPS will bring our little conference out here a bit of respect in the future. Congratulations Sam!!!

After getting to bed last night at a very early time (still light out), I feel tanned rested and ready for the work week. I hope to learn a bunch more this week.

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