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{Friday, June 20, 2003}

It's Friday!! But no big exciting plans. I'm looking forward to getting a new book to read from Powells and taking it to the Lucky Lab to relax with some beer. I'm on the Lab's wall joining many, many others who have had their picture taken in some exotic location wearing Lucky Lab attire. My exotic location was next to sunstar (a really big starfish) on the beach in Port Orford, Oregon. You can see the beach in the left hand side of this ODOT traffic cam. My SO's picture made it into their web gallery.

The Lucky Lab is where A and I met just over 4 years ago. I came out to a crowded back patio due to some unseasonably warm May weather and I initially shared a table with another couple who eventually left. A then came out and asked to share my table with me while she waited for a friend. The rest is 4 years of history.

I don't have any sophisticated website stuff here for my blog. I'm just using the free service. Is anybody even reading this? No. I didn't think so. If you are, please feel free to email any comments to: hilsy@hilsy.com

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{Thursday, June 19, 2003}

I awoke this morning and prepared to go run a slow 6-miler and found the businesses across the street from me covered in ugly, stupid graffiti. The taggers got the businesses for two blocks in a row. It was very upsetting. I feel like my neighborhood was attacked. And by that, I feel like my own home was attacked. The blithering idiots think they are just hurting a business but in fact are attacking the neighborhood. And I closed my window last night before going to sleep because it was getting so much cooler. On the what ifs, I wonder if I would have woken up if I had left my window open. I hope, and understand that it will not probably happen, that the vandals are caught. And since it is a property crime they probably won't be served justice by our over-taxed criminal justice system. I say sue 'em in civil and lien everything they've got.

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{Monday, June 16, 2003}

Friday, I splurged and took A out for a nice dinner. We walked the few blocks down Milwaukie Ave to Sala. I highly reccommend this eatery. High quality food with entrees priced between $12 and $20. Be sure to get one of the bartender's special cocktail concoctions.

An update from earlier rant: I have been assured that all of the money to be spent on lights for the football fields at Cleveland, Roosevelt and Marshall high schools has been raised privately and will not come from the Portland Public Schools' budget. Now what about the art, music, advanced studies programs at any one of those schools????

I ran an 8-miler yesterday as part of my training. I'm using a slightly modified version of a training program I used last time I found at this site. I like their philosophy and I made it to my first marathon injury-free.

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