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{Friday, June 27, 2003}

Hydration is my theme for today. I'm running a half-marathon tomorrow morning in the high desert area of the Sunriver Resort. Even though the race begins in the morning, the temp should be plenty high enough by the end of the race for me (~ 10 am if all goes well). So I expect many trips to the bathroom today as I get my body hyrdated.

And even though, by press acounts, he seems to be a nice, young, upstanding citizen, what F$%# was Whitsitt thinking yesterday when the Blazers drafted Travis OUTLAW? Yes, that's right. The "Jailblazers" drafted a guy named Outlaw but whose father is a 6'-6" 300 pound police officer. I'll chalk it up to one last parting shot from Bob before he officially leaves his duties with the Blazers next week (even though we still can't seem to hire anybody to take the GM's job).

I'm off to the land of Mirror Pond and sagebrush tonight. Enjoy the weekend everybody (all one or two of you if I'm lucky, though I may get some hits now that my favorite henna-headed almost-lawyer mentioned me on her great blog).

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{Thursday, June 26, 2003}

I was relieved to read about today's historic Supreme Court decision that effectively eliminates any laws against consenting homosexual sex. I have many friends and even relatives that I am sure are also relieved. Scalia was his usual prickly self barely hiding his homophobia and I guess Justice Thomas must have only rented hetero videos back in the days he allegedly harrassed that poor woman at the EEOC.

I let a chuckle while I was reading the opinion this morning when I transitioned from Kennedy's Majority opinion to O'Connor's concurence. The two opinions pretty much cover the all the basis for defending rights with Kennedy basing the majority opinon on substantive due process and O'Connor relying on equal protection arguments.

Now who will retire from our highest bench? I'm hoping only a member or members of the more conservative side and specifically only Rehnquist. If he retires the current balance is sure to remain the same since he is already one of the most conservative members. It would be bad if O'Connor or Kennedy left because they at least swing every once in awhile, like they did today, to the liberal side of the court. And, it would be outright disastorous if Stevens left.

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{Wednesday, June 25, 2003}

Shin Splints. You can only understand them if you have ever experienced them. One simple solution is to just not run. That is not an option for me. So I'm looking forward to two weeks or so of wonderful pain while and just after I run. I knew I was taking a risk by upping mileage as fast as I ddid so I am not surprised. But two more weeks should develop the muscles enough to overcome them. I'll have to take 3 or 4 Ibuprofen before I race on Saturday morning.

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{Monday, June 23, 2003}

Another Monday but at least I've been mostly productive at work. I feel like a total geek when I realize I enjoy messing with the language in drafting patent claims. However, I am still destined for patent/IP litigation and I'm finally getting some work in that area.

Ran a 10-miler yesterday with the idea of seeing how I would feel in preparation for this coming Saturday's Pacific Crest Half-Marathon down in Sunriver. This will be my only trip out of town this summer (though I might try to get down to Oceanside for a weekend before school starts back up). I felt surprisingly good but was pretty damn wiped afterward. I ended up in bed falling asleep before 10 pm. However, it was a fitful sleep because I forgot how much my hamstrings and back ache after a long run, requiring a fistful of ibuprofen before I go to bed. I'm not forgetting that one the rest of this summer.

I'll try a new form of energy gel this weekend. I've loved and used rapberry and strawberry flavored Cliff Shots over the last year. However, they are difficult to find in Portland. Yesterday, in a quest for Cliff Shots, I ended up at Foot Traffic, located on NE Fremont and 42nd. Their knowledgable staff steered me toward either Carb Boom or Hammer Gel. I purchased both to test them out. They claimed both are better than Cliff, Gu or Power gels in that Carb Boom and Hammer gel contain more complex sugars which limit the spike and drop effect. I guess I'll find out on Saturday.

And now for something completely different: Interesting holding by the Supremes issued today. The big one was upholding Michigan's Law School admissions policy. I doubt this is the last word on affirmative action but it at least supports diversity as a rational goal.

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