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{Thursday, July 03, 2003}

I've been reluctant to post the last couple of days because I couldn't even access other folks' blogs that were located on blogspot. Their server troubles seem to have subsided this morning.

I found out yesterday some good news/bad news at work. The good far outweighs the bad. It looks like I'll be getting a lot more litigation work which will help set me up for possibly getting hired post-law school. But it also looks like it will be a whole lot of work that I may or may not be prepared to handle but will have to handle anyway. Should be an interesting roller coaster of a ride.

For some great coverage of the Kendra James Police Fiasco, I strongly reccommend reading the One True B!x's blog. He's got a great clearinghouse of media coverage as well as his own journalistic/humanistic input. I'll leave it at that.

Tomorrow should be a nice break from work. We're heading over to a firend's house in the afternoon and then over to my sister's place for a 5th annual big old-fashioned 4th of July block party called the Blackberry Jam. It takes place on Riverview Drive which is just above Highway 30 just before the Sauvie Island bridge. We'll have a great view of various fireworks shows including watching all of the illegal stuff get lit up across Portland and Vancouver neighborhoods.

And I refuse to let right-wing, warrior-minded folks take over this holiday. I'm a true patriot and believer in the law. We are a country based on law, not on religious zealotry or other wackiness. A contract means a contract in this country.

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{Tuesday, July 01, 2003}

If you want to get your blood pressure up, read this by that raving, sensationalist, apologist for conservatives in the US who thinks she can get away with it just because she's a pretty woman. She actually defends Joe McCarthy in this piece.

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Tomorrow will be the half-way point of my summer. We have 15 weeks from last final to first class and tomorrow will be 7-1/2 weeks. So what have I accomplished?? At work, two patent applications, in the middle of a third, a DJ, an answer, a motion, a memorandum and affidavit in support of that motion, research into patent law jury instructions and an infringement analysis for an opinion letter. That's not bad. At home, after starting with 3-foot tall grass throughout, I have all of the beds cut, turned and planted in the main yard leaving the dreaded back corner and my driveway full of yard debris. My roommate of 12 years will be moving out in the next couple of weeks and my girlfriend of 4 years will take his place in my house (sometimes that idea just scares the bejeezus out of me). I started my running in earnest and even ran in a half-marathon. I'm still one month behind on my mortgage and 1/2 a month behind on my car payment and I just flat-out gave up on a cell phone for now. With my roommate moving out I have to acquire a new TV (and yes, I admit that I am addicted and that I HAVE to get a TV). I've read "John Adams," 3 ro 4 Terry Pratchett Discworld books, Neil Gaiman's "American Gods," and I'm currently finishing Kim Stanley Robinson's "Years of Rice and Salt" (great altenrative history book where the plague wipes out 99% of Europe instead of just 1/3 leaving China, India and Islam as the leading Eurasian cultures). I've begun my A-paper research involving claim construction and dictionaries.

Oh yeah, and I started blogging.

I guess that's a pretty full half-summer.

The second half should get even better.

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{Monday, June 30, 2003}

Finishing just as the temps began to rise, I'm happy with my half-marathon. 1:49:45 by my own watch. That translates to an 8:26 pace. My reach goal was 1:47 which would have been an 8:15 pace. However, the heat in the last few miles really sucked it out of me so I just didn't have any kick in the last two miles. The good news is that my shin splints have thankfully diappeared. I've got some good miles planned for this week including a big 16-miler on Sunday.

Another blog out there has now become my favorite site for finding info about Portland and its politics. Check out his report about Earl Blumenauer's meeting this last weekend. He makes it sound like yet another person is afraid to run against Vera Katz if she decides to to run for mayor again. Why do potential candidates, especially ones of Earl's caliber, feel this way. A freakin' 19-year-old almost forced her into a run-off in the last election (I voted for the 19-year-old).

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