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{Saturday, July 12, 2003}

I just finished with a phone survey concerning my radio listening habits. It was totally rigged!! When they asked me what I station I listen to the most, I quickly responded public radio. The young woman from New Jersey on the other end of the line was perplexed. I gave her the call numbers, 91.5, and she explained to me that the station was not on her list. I explained to her that KOPB consistently gets the highest nielsen ratings of any station in monring drive time and that her survey was obviously rigged. I then threw in a couple of internet radio stations I listen to at work and home including one of my favorites, Radio Paradise. She then asked for any other stations I listened and I replied KBOO. Again, she stated that this station was not on her list for Portland radio stations. I then asked her if Clear Channel was paying for this survey but she said she didn't know. what a crock! Radio has died except for public radio. That's why I listent to internet stations now.

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{Friday, July 11, 2003}

i'm sure someone else has already said this, but it sure looks like Condi Rice and President * are hanging the CIA out to twist in the wind?

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Jack talks about one of my favorite subjects, beer, here. I have to add to this discussion about Henry's. As much of a macro-brew swill that it was, I still drank a lot of it. Back in the late '70s, when Blitz came out with this beer, it was one of the best in the land (the laws hadn't changed yet to re-allow micros). I also was proud to quaff this lager. My oldest sister gave me 4 short cases as a college starting present when I drove a Uhaul across the country to attend my Freshman year of college at Cornell University. I was handing out Henry's left and right to folks that first day in the dorm.

Post-college, the Henry's long-necks were my music-watching beer of choice. You could put a good death-grip on that long neck and not drop it even when you got ensnared in a good mosh pit (pint glasses, however, were easily dropped).

I used to take out-of-town visitors on the Blitz brewery tour where you finished off with some free beer. Henry's was also my cheap beer of choice when the funds were running low.

However, when they took Henry's out of Portland to brew it elsewhere (and yet still kept "Portland, Oregon" on the label!!), I too quit buying and drinking it.

It wasn't all that great of a beer. Heck they used corn as one of the fermentable sugars. But it was ours. I miss the heady smell of the brewery downtown.

As far as the Full Sail contract brewing is concerned, Full Sail will only be brewing a couple of the new "flavors" of Henrys and not the standard Henrys. So I will still probably not touch the stuff.

One last thought on macro-brews: It is so frustrating to realize that Budweiser et al. could, if they wanted to, brew the best beers in the world with the same kind of repeated consistency that they do now. They just choose not to. They already get the pick of the best of the barley and hops leaving the dregs for the craft brewers. They have the best, modern, computer-controlled brewing equipment in the world. But instead we get thin, watery crap!!

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{Thursday, July 10, 2003}

I've had to shop for a new TV this last couple of weeks. My roommate of many years moves out this week and takes his TV with him. I know, I know. TV is evil and I should do something else with my time. But I like Food Channel, Comedy Central, The History Channel, The Learning Channel, OPB, occasional ESPN offerings, Outdoor Life Network (where I get to watch the Tour de France coverage), and endless repeats of Law & Order. And let's not forget the Powerpuff Girls. So screw it, I'm getting a TV tonight.

After researching and considering my very tight budget, it looks like I will get a 27" TV. They seem to pretty standardly go for between $200 and $250 (only a budding hopeful patent attorney can just add "ly" to a word to make it an adverb). I salivated over the wall-mounted, flat-screen plasma TVs (with HDTV of course) but I just don't have a spare 3 or 4 k lying around. My 100-plus-year-old house in the Brooklyn neighborhood has a relatively narrow living room so the flat TV would be perfect. Alas, I'll wait until I'm earning the big bucks (so to speak) as a patent attorney.

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{Wednesday, July 09, 2003}

Another beautiful day in Paradise here in Portland. Summers here are great. It might get into the 80s today and it was a perfect sleeping temperature of low 60s high 50s this morning. Woo Hoo!

A nice 6-miler this morning felt good after putting down 16 this last Sunday. I'm due for 18 this coming Sunday. The mileage seems crazy to a non-runner until you compare me to these two guys. They've been running across the country for the last couple of months and have made it to Oregon. From their schedule it looks like they are taking a break late next week in Eugene. Maybe they'll come up to Portland to join us for my favorite summer event, the 16th Annual Oregon Brewer's Festival. I think my mouth actually just watered as I thought of all those yummy ales coming our way in just a couple of weeks.

This blog has, to my surprise, actually garnered the attention of a couple of fellow bloggers out there. I'm still on the free-ride version of blogspot so I don't have all the fancy bells and whistles like links to other blogs. But here's short list of my current favorites:
Jack Bog's Blog (my near-future Tax professor)
I Hate Stupid People (a recently graduated classmate and friend)
OregonAboutItAll (good info about Portland and Oregon)
Portland Communique (an excellent, probably the best, source for info on Portland and its politics)
The Oregon Blog (good info on Oregon state political news; necessary because the Big O does such a pitiful job of covering what's really happening in Salem)
Beerdrinker.org (generally good info about Portland, blogs and my favorite subject of beer)

I also do not have the option of allowing comments but hope to have that in the future. If something strikes you as interesting here, please feel free to email my at hilsy@hilsy.com

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{Tuesday, July 08, 2003}

I hope everyone enjoyed the 4th of July weekend. By the luck of the calendar, many of us got a much-needed 3-day weekend. I enjoyed seeing some classmates and lighting off lots of illegal fireworks with my sister.

Onto more serious stuff:
If the Bush Administration is looking for omens this one is bad. The nation's symbol dying in the zoo in the nation's capitol???

Some thoughts I had as I made the quick walk from bus to office in downtown Portland. The biggest failing of the Bush Administration is its top-down approach to America. I think back to the tragedy of September 11 and how the federales reacted as compared to how Rudy Giuliani reacted publicly. The executive branch was telling lies and playing "hide the president." Rudy was out telling the truth about what he saw and felt. Americans, and I guess most generally educated people, will react positivley to somebody telling them the blunt truth about a situation. No histrionics. No lies. Just tell us like it is. You really don't have to make things up. However, the fear of trying to remain in power possibly blinds poeple of this simple idea. I only look to Vera Katz and the secret dealings involving PGE Park, er Civic Stadium, and the Rose Garden, er Paul Allen's Palace of Debauched Basketball. This is starting to ramble too much so I'll stop. But I'll revisit this kernel of idea as I get my thoughts more organized. I only had 5 blocks to walk from the transit mall to the office.

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