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{Saturday, August 09, 2003}

Seems I'm not alone in thinking that the disaster at Schinias is symptomatic of potentially huge problems with the 2004 Athens Olympics. I love the quote from the Aussie rower in this article telling it like it is: "The person who designed this course should be strangled."

Oh well, they shortened the course to 1000 meters for the reps, semis and finals. I wonder how elite athletes will take to that next year.

In good new, both of the US 8+'s finished second with silver medals. The girls came damn close to the Romanians, being eked out by 1.3 seconds. Congratulations rowers and coaches Robbie (from Ohio State) and Nick and Lincoln (from Oregon Rowing Unlimited).

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{Friday, August 08, 2003}

At least they raced today in Schinias. However the course was shortened to 1000 meters for today's races. Reading some of the stories from the wire and from the propaganda that is FISA, the IOC and FISA are continuing to poo-pooh the weather related problems. This time they are saying that the problem with the junior competition is that it is limited to a 4-day schedule while the Olympics will be done over 8 days with lots of open space in the schedule. But the "meletemia" prevailing winds of August may end up blowing all 8 days next year as well. I guess al we can hope for is a weather miracle next August if we want the Olypmics rowing to actually happen. Oh, and the US boys 8+ won their Rep and have advanced to Sunday's final, if they hold the race.

I loved hearing Govenor Ted last night on the news be thankful for the mess that is California politics. Finally something to deflect the attention away from our mess. The Oregon Legislature is, unfortunately, an accurate reflection of the general blue v. red in our country and the inability to realize that we actually live in the same country/state/county/city/neighborhood as each other and need to listen and get along. I think that balkanization is less representative and the general mood is more like the middle-east where each side thinks it is supremely right and the other side is always, always wrong. I'm right, you're wrong and that is the end of the debate. Quite depressing actually.

There are people of different political/personal/religious/social persuasion than me in Oregon and even in this painted-to-be monochromatic city. It's time to wake up and realize that. That is one reason I loved the election of Randy Leonard (even though I may not agree 100% with his tactics or 100% with his politics) to Portland's city council. He does represent a segment of the city that has not had representation for a long, long time.

Now if we can just get the folks that are elected to represent to realize we actually have to live together, maybe something will get done.

But as we head into the longest Oregon legislative session in history, I doubt that will happen any time soon.

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{Thursday, August 07, 2003}

At least the racing official at Junior World Rowing Championships have inched their way up the learning curve and they have actually cancelled racing for today rather than risk swamping any more boats. This press release from FISA is ridiculously positive. I can't wait to hear reports from the US contingent. I'm sure the kids are having a great time on that holiday beach there in Schinias rather than rowing for a world championship.

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{Wednesday, August 06, 2003}

I've gone far too long without any rowing comments. Today the heats were run in this year's World Junior Rowing Championships. The event is being hailed as a preview of next year's Olympics to be held at this same site that has been plagued by controversy from its beginnings. Now, we find out that the prevailing winds during the month of August at this venue cause a bit of a problem for the flat-water-loving sport of rowing. Check this story out from the AP wire. In the final two events of the morning the US boys 8+ swamped and the rowers stayed with their shell but swam it across the line. The results list their time as ~15 minutes (2ks usually take sub-6 minutes for these crews). But what is astounding is the fact that the race officials went ahead and raced the next heat!!! The British crew was leading and swamped. The conditions were so bad for the British that the officials made them swim the boat directly to shore but allowed the British to advance to the repachage. I knew something was up when I saw a picture off the wire of the opening ceremonies and the flags held by athletes were flying straight out. From the AP story, it seems that FISA was aware of the prevailing winds in August but said they would take care of everything before next year's olympiad is held IN THE MONTH OF AUGUST!! What a cluster$%@#! I hope Nick and Lincoln are hangin' in there. Nick, the head coach of local junior program (where I used to coach) ORU, is a lead assistant coach for the US junior Women's team. And, Lincoln, the head novice coach at ORU, is another assistant coach for the US junior women's team.

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How exciting. I finally have comments available. I used haloscan and was able to get it up and running pretty quickly. Comment away fellow blogger and trolls (or anybody)!!!

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I'm off to the Zoo tonight for the big firm summer event. We're going to see some C&W concert. I am not, I repeat, not a fan of country music. But, as an associate told me, the only true reason I am going tonight is because it is a firm event. My future here still seems too tenuous for my taste. I talked with the senior partner in charge of recruiting last week and he said they will not make any decisions until the end of Fall and then he mentioned the dreaded two words: Electrical Engineer. I'm not one. I'm just a mechanical engineer. I stated I'd be more than willing to take some technical classes to expand my repetoire and he seemed to light up a bit with that comment.

Oh well. I'll keep plugging along writing patent apps, occasionally responding to OAs and working hard on litigation stuff.

I have to put a plug in for another blog that has been cracking me up lately. Sounds like his job somewhat sucks. I have to say my experience, so far, is far different and better.

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{Monday, August 04, 2003}

On Saturday, A and I caught this summer's version of Shakespeare in the Park. The Portland Actors Ensemble has been putting on Bill in the Park for 34 years. This year it is A Midsummer's Night Dream. The play was well acted with IMHO particularly good performances/well casted Bottom and Puck. I guess that between 50 and 100 folks were in attendence on a fine afternoon in a wonderful setting near the lower end of the park. If you click on the lilnk above to the Ensemble you can find the schedule for the remains of the summer. I give it a strong recommendation.

I gave up a homebrew gathering and the Marshall High School all-year reunion to go see the play and have no regrets.

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