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{Friday, August 15, 2003}

Paying Tribute at the Temple of Isis

Went to strip club tonight for the first time in a few years. Actually it was just a bar with a stage but they're a dime a dozen in this extremely first-amendment-protected state. I haven't been in one for awhile mostly because I've been seriously occupied in a relationship. However, another important reason I haven't been in one is my increasing intolerance to cigarette smoke and my partner's absolute abhorrence to the very same smoke.

My experience tonight was, for no better term I can think of right now, pleasant. I'm pretty sure that only in Portland can you walk into a neighborhood dive/strip bar and watch a beautiful but not glitzy young woman dance to Tori Amos. And then two dancers later watch another non-glitzy, non-shaved (and I mean treasure-trail-from-the-navel non-shaved) but enticingly beautiful young woman dance to Ziggy Stardust and Queen's Crazy Little Thing Called Love.

In most places I might agree that strip clubs are exploitive and ugly. But they're so damn common here that they have taken on a completely different life. I honestly felt like I was just paying tribute at the temple tonight when I dropped green-colored cash on the bar/alter. And IT IS NOT A BAD THING. Sexuality is real and a part of life. Quit f--ing denying it. It was safe and clean (except for d#Sn smoke!!!) and I paid some cash. If a smoke-free strip club pops up around here (and I really wouldn't be surprised if one did) I'd be at least be a semi-regular customer/tribute-paying-believer.

Hoo rah for Portland again. Of course, this kind of stuff hitting the net means I might not ever get to be mayor. But then again, who knows.....

posted by The Brooklynite 10:13 PM
Well IA made out more than okay in Blackout 2003 (as CNN was calling it). His latest post paints a pretty cool picture of people in NYC hanging out and having fun. I especially love his comment about seeing the stars from Manhattan.

posted by The Brooklynite 11:13 AM

{Thursday, August 14, 2003}

Big power outage back East. I hope IA made it out his office okay. I wonder if he had any deadlines, litigation or prosecution, that the blackout is messing with. I guess it could maybe qualify as a "mail emergency."

posted by The Brooklynite 3:54 PM

{Wednesday, August 13, 2003}

After listenting to my father (who unfortunately suffers from bitter-old-man disease these days) tell me point blank that the Oregon legislature will never pass a baseball stadium bill, today's news of progress on the bill gets me to thinking. If this really does happen, and I'm ambivalent but beginning to lean toward enjoying the idea, at least it is going to be a National League team. Just think, there would be a mathematical chance of witnessing Barry Bonds pass Babe Ruth and maybe even Hank Aaron in HRs. We'd get to see the Cubs, Braves, Cardinals, Giants and Dodgers come through town on a regular basis. We'd even get to develop a bit of rivalry with the Mariners through interleague play. And most importantly, we would not have a Designated Hitter.

Since the bill has passed the House, seems to me it's down to pi@#ing contest between House and Senate Republicans. Like I said, part of me is really starting to pull for this now.

posted by The Brooklynite 8:47 AM

{Tuesday, August 12, 2003}

So Fox is suing Al Franken for using the phrase "fair and balanced" in the title of his new book which looks like it's a critical (and probably funny) view of conservative media. Seems that Fox actually registered a trademark for "fair and balanced." I guess in connection with Fox news it surely is not a descriptive mark.

posted by The Brooklynite 3:18 PM

{Monday, August 11, 2003}

Just had a completely unnerving experience. First, I'm 37 years old. I thought was beyond being unnerved by former girlfriends. But man, it sucks. I guess that just doesn't ever change. Well here's what happened. I went to the Lucky Lab to read more of the latest Harry Potter and enjoy Miser Monday. I took my pint out to the back porch and stumbled upon this woman who looked very, very much like a previous, serious girlfriend. It was f-ing eerie. Her eyes, her cheek bones and her mannerisms were spot on. The way she blew her cigarette smoke and arched her eyebrows as she talked about someting she was interested in completely freaked me out. And why? Because she didn't recognize me. Then it started to dawn on me that it might not be her. She looked way too young and way thinner than the last time I ran into her. But I thought it was possible. I was literally shaking. I then remembered that it was I that broke it off and for very solid reasons of keeping my own sanity. I finally was able to walk by her and elicit a direct glance, and even a smile, and I knew right away from the smile that it was not her. Still. Come on. That was over 4 years ago. Okay, I admit there is some pretty serious history going back to age 14 and many path-crossings since then. I just expect better of myself. Oh well. At least I'm reading a great book.

posted by The Brooklynite 9:13 PM
From the front page of the Wall Street Journal in the little news capsules, a senior administration official compared medical marijuana laws as analogous to the Southern States' flouting of civil rights laws in the '50s and '60s.


I'm just dumbfounded at their bravado. Come on. Comparing legalized, state-supported oppression and apartheid to a cancer patient's brief respite from chemotherapy???? What planet are these people from?

posted by The Brooklynite 1:38 PM
Found a new blog that's right up my alley, The Patent Blog. From a brief look at it, the blog looks to be a good way of staying on top of CAFC case law. Though I disagree slightly with the analysis of the HP case. Claim construction wasn't really the big issue since, from I briefly read from the case, neither party appealed on that particular issue.

posted by The Brooklynite 8:58 AM

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