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{Thursday, August 28, 2003}

And you may have thought I was raving lunatic when it came to the Halliburton comment? Read this. Wow, $1.7 Billion with a big B is a whole lot of money.

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{Wednesday, August 27, 2003}

So much to blog about and so little time....

I'll start with the humorous: Today Bojack was on fire again in Income Tax class (when is he not??). In describing our free-market-loving-way-more-conservative-than-the-rest-of-the-school Dean Huffman, Bojack said that whenever the Dean is stopped by a red light, the Dean considers it a taking.

I'll try to keep up with Bojack's quotes as the semester proceeds.

Now for the sad and the bad:

I was moved to tears this morning as I read the front page of the Big O to see that Clive Charles, the dean of all soccer in this state, passed away yesterday. The Big O had a couple of great stories about Clive, his life, his death, his impact on the human beings he coached. I hold him up as example for me to follow in my endeavors as a coach. One of my favorite quotes was from the UP basketball coach who said that Clive taught him the true importance of giving the bench players more attention. At least everyone who loves soccer in this city and state should take a brief moment of silence to honor and remember this generous, loving, and great man.

And right above that story on the front page I was disgusted to read Chief Cracker claim he agrees with "92%" of the very critical report about Portland Police shootings but that it will just cost soooo much money to do all of that. People of the City of Portland, please remember that it was you and I who sentenced to death Kendra James. WE killed her. It's a representative democracy and we elected the people that hired the people that hired the guy who, by the Police department's own admission, couldn't follow procedure and placed himself, and even more so, Kendra James at risk. After reading the Chief's comments, the inevitable b.s. issuing from the union boss's mouth, and Vera's yet more hollow promises, I'm just glad we have only one more year of her. We need to elect somebody who will face this problem and deal with it. Do what it takes. We're not asking for a whole lot here Chief. Give me a break that it will cost sooo much more money to interview an officer involved in a shooting sooner than 3 DAYS LATER AFTER THE SHOOTING!!! Do your detectives wait three days to interview shooting suspects that are not policemen???? And I'm not talking about the situations where the poor cop was put in a position of having to confront a person bent on committing suicide-by-police. Heck I definitely do not fault at all what the police did at that hotel on Powell when that completely drugged out guy was about to throw theat infant into the wall. Just change the procedures and be more open. Your slipping into the mistakes that President * and VP I'm-still-in-hiding Cheney think that it is actually better to be more secretive.

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{Tuesday, August 26, 2003}

Okay. Survived the first day of school. So far so good with the professors. Bojack is as good as the hype. I don't think I've laughed that hard for that long in any class, and it was a class on Income Tax! The adjunct prof teaching Trademark is also engaging and knowledgable. I think I'm going to generally like that course. And,of course, Prof. Miller comes close to Bojack in the entertaining/engaging category. Had my Ethics class this morning (yes Lawyers are supposed to have ethics, though they are not required to in the philosophical sense) with Johannsen who is a hoot. Next is Secured Trans which I do not have high hopes for.

But first I have to attend a mandatory meeting put on by Career Services just so that I can participate in the official on-campus Fall Recruiting. I've been debating this one back and forth. I'm working currently in a firm that I want to stay with after I graduate. However, they have yet to commit to me beyond my part-time work this school year. If I don't get hired by them and I want to stay within patent/patent litigation, it looks like I'm off to some far-away (or just not Portland) city. But will Fall Recruiting really get me anything? I'm barely in the top 50% of the class so firms that look solely at grades won't even give me the time of day, let alone an interview. And then, how many firms coming are even interested in a patent-geek future litigator. Oh well, can't burn any bridges yet.

I apologize for the lack of commentary on current events, but the start of school has been a tad bit overwhelming. I might rant on the State Legislature and Empress Minnis or President * and the Vice President-being-hidden-at-an-undisclosed-location-getting-really-juicy-contracts-for-his-corrupt-company-Halliburton later this week.

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{Monday, August 25, 2003}

Oooh. It's the first day of school. Oh, and it is also another day of work. I'm off to earn a buck in the morning at the firm and then up to campus for the rest of the day for classes. Mondays will suck this Fall; My day basically will be 8 am to 7:30 pm. At least I finish the day with my favorite professor who is also a very animated lecturer (ie I'll stay awake).

Lots of stuff in the last few days. I was surpised to see the Baseball Stadium bill pass the Oregon Senate. I was not surprised to see a lot of demonstrators protesting President * when he came to town to raise a million dollars from rich people in Oregon. I still think those fires down near Camp Sherman are suspiscious in origin. I'm, unfortunately, not surprised at the local media's coverage of the protests as dangerous. Did they forget that this city voted for Gore at about a 2-to-1 proportion?

Time to go to work.

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