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{Wednesday, September 03, 2003}

Wow. Almost a week without a post. I guess law school and work made me busier than I expected.

Since my last rant about Chief Kroeker, he's left. I like Chief Foxworth. I like that he understands Portland and that he grew up here and has been on the force here for many years. I'm sorry Mr. Kroeker, but Portland is vastly different than LA.

And the mayor's race should be really fun now. I'm glad that Earl decided to continue as my Congressional representative. But now who are we left with. I still just don't trust the only declared candidate, Francesconi. From what I've been reading, and I agree if that is the decision, Erik Sten will sit this one out. I think he needs to put more distance between himself and the water billing thing. It will be interesting to see how much credit or blame he'll get for the South Waterfront project. I hope Jake steps up again. Heck, as a 19-year-old he almost took Vera to a run-off. People might actually listen to him this time since his last campaign was really all about the anti-vera vote. This could be a race similar to the city council race years ago where we got to pick across an amazing trio of folks: Sten, Francesconi and Gail Shibley.

On the rowing side, the world championships this last weekend in Milan saw the US earn three gold medals which is a respectable haul. The men's 8+ is continuing to look fast, earning silver. Now if they can just finally close the deal next year in the Olympics. The women's 8+ for me was the biggest disappointment. From what I understand, they sustained a boat-stopping crab somewhere during the first half of the race. Coming into the weekend, they were the crew to beat, looking to repeat as world champs.

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