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{Friday, September 19, 2003}

I started the morning right.

I'm getting my crew fix by helping coach the L&C undergrad crew on Friday mornings. It's a huge step back from my committment of the previous two years, but it will have to suffice because I'm already working parti-time at a firm and taking a full, full schedule at school. The river was perfect and peaceful. I'm impressed with how the crews look after only two weeks on the water. To think that just two years ago we had four guys for varisty and barely 8 experienced women for varsity. This morning we launched two women's 8+'s, a men's 8+, and two men's 4+'s, and they were all varsity boats. Yet another reason why I really need to stay here in Portland.

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{Thursday, September 18, 2003}

I go to a great Law School

We're not "tier one" and thank god. I just got done helping out at a campus student-group-sponsered BBQ with free food, beer, soda and a steel drum band. Professors and students were relaxing in the death throes of summer weather. I was manning the grill with the help of some other folks and was pleased to see fellow students actually act in a curteous manner while they waited for their burgers/gardenburgers grilled away over the coals.

Even though we are graded on the curve, this place still has a cooperative, collaborative environment.

just had to give thanks for the luck that I am here.

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{Wednesday, September 17, 2003}

There's an interesting interview with supposed mayoral candidate, Phil Busse over at The Oregon Blog. He surprised me in that he really thinks he is a serious candidate.

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{Tuesday, September 16, 2003}

Playing Catch-Up

I visited Houston over the weekend courtesy of the Blazers and the NBA for a league meeting of game-stats folks. The meetings happen every 3 years or so, mostly to make sure we are all looking at the games from the same perspective and same rule interpretations. Once again, it looked like we all (but one guy) are still looking at the NBA games and rules from the same perspective. The one guy was this stubborn dude from a team I won't name because I know and respect a couple other people that work for that team.

Anyway, as part of the weekend, the NBA got us tickets to the Houston-St. Louis baseball game in Minutemaid Park. The tickets were okay, 300-level. But, my sister and I hooked up with the stats guys from the New Orleans franchise and one of them had familial connections to corporate bad-guys Tyco. Because of that connection we ended up watching the game from the comfort of the Tyco luxury suite with a bunch of employees/execs from Anheuser Busch. Free food, free booze and free Budweiser (of course) throughout a great 2-0 Houston victory. I had an interesting conversation with one of the Busch folks about brewing, all while I was drinking a gin & tonic rather than a Budweiser.

On a local politics note, I saw in the Big O this morning that County Commissioner Rojo de Steffey has thrown her hat into the City Council race. Local lawyer and second-time candidate Nick Fish is the only other person to formally announce a candidacy. All it took for me was to read that Rojo de Steffey was a chief aide of Bev Stein to turn me off. Bev Stein just never impressed me. And, on top of that, she lists as part of her achievements the managing of Civic Stadium before 2001. Yeah, I remember how run-down the stadium was getting and how the owner of the Portland Rockies couldn't even get them to fix lightbulbs in the scoreboard. I've got to read up some more on Nick Fish before I can give any kind of opinion but I plan to do so soon.

And in the mayor's race, it looks like we have another "joke" candidate in Phil Busse, contributor and sometimes editor of local bi-weekly rag, The Mercury. At least Tres Shannon was funny.

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