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{Friday, September 26, 2003}

I'm Still a Patent Geek

Even though I have recently decided to pursue a short-term path of non-patent-related litigation with either state or county government positions or a position in a small litigation firm, I'm still a patent geek at heart. And to show you, I was interested (excited would maybe be too strong a word) to see that the Federal Circuit handed down yet another decision in the decade-plus long saga that is Festo. The Fed Circuit has taken to labelling the various Festo decisions with roman numerals. What started out as a case in the District of Massachusetts that issued a decision on October 27, 1994 (Festo I) has bounced back and forth and even up to the Supreme Court and back to where today's decision is Festo IX. And, barring settlement (yeah, right), we can expect a Festo X since the Fed Circuit remanded the case to the District Court to decide the question of fact of whether the equivalents were foreseeable at the time of amendment.

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{Wednesday, September 24, 2003}

It's almost October and the Cubs are in first place in their division. Hell has not frozen, howwever, because the Red Sox have faded.

And speaking of October coming, I'm heading down to Oaks Park this Friday for the annual Oktoberfest. Horst Mager dropped out as a sponsor but my local German Deli, Edelweiss, is one of the sponsors this year. Should be a fun time and maybe I can finally get A to do the Chicken Dance.

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{Monday, September 22, 2003}


From the big money world of college football, I have a theory about Ohio State's Maurice Clarrett. He has recently pleaded not guilty to a misdemeanor charge related to his alleged lying about the monetray value of items stolen from his SUV this last summer. Ohio State should be very nervous because the worst outcome could be that he really isn't guilty and he did get tens of thousands of dollars of stuff ripped off from his SUV. That will leave Ohio State trying to explain where he got all that expensive stuff and likely outcome of coughing up their national championship from last year. And in the mean time, Clarrett might blow a hole in the NFL as well by challenging their anti-trust laden minimum age draft rules.

I spent some quality time with some very frirendly and helpful computer geeks this Saturday. And I use the word geek in a very positive sense. I'm eventually going to web-host from my home at which time I'll be switching this blog off of blogspot and onto, most likely, MovableType. However, there are steps to getting there like setting up a physical box with enough hard drive space that will run debian. Those steps were complicated by that fact that my little tiny firewall box decided to stop working right before I left for the PLUG clinic. That puts me behind on my self-appointed schedule by a couple of more weeks. Maybe some time in October I'll have things up and running.

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