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{Friday, October 03, 2003}

Friday is Finally Here

Man, 17 credit hours is starting to catch up with me. Oh well I signed up for it.

So much to blog about this week. Let's tackle sports first.

In the local scene we have the Blazers opening their Training Camp and with that came the first police citation of the season. Qyntell Woods was cited for driving with a suspended license. The best part was that he was cited by the same police officer that pulled him over for speeding on I-5 last year. And on top of that, his erstwhile teammate Rasheed "I don't want to lead" Wallace got cited for the same thing, driving with a suspended license, just two weeks ago. Need I say more?

In baseball I had the joy and pleasure of watching the final inning of the Cubs' first post-season road victory since 1945. Tonight's matchup between Prior and Maddux should be fantastic. And even though I'm rooting for them, the Red Sox are already down 2-0 but heading back to Boston. I watched the Yanks win last night. Look out, they are starting to hit on all cylinders, especially with Giambi finally coming out of his slump with his run-scoring double late in the game.

In soccer, I'm very excited to have tickets for this Sunday's Women's World Cup Semifinals. Maybe I'll run into fellow Portland blogger, Beerdrinker, at the games. The USA v. Germany game will be great. The US is looking absolutely dominating so far but Germany wiped the field with Russia last night, scoring 6 unanswered goals in the second half of their quarterfinal game.

Ah, and in politics. Looks like no matter boorish the body-builder acts, California is still willing to vote him in as Governor. Thank you California for taking the harsh spotlight off Oregon.

And President *'s poll numbers are plummeting. My favorite was hearing his remarks this morning in response to the report tha no WMDs have been found in Iraq. Paraphrasing (loosely): "See this just goes to show how dangerous Saddam was because he lied to us about his WMDs." Ahh, the beauty of double-speak.

Have a nice weekend folks. It's back to work for me. And no, just like IA, I don't bill for my blogging either.

posted by The Brooklynite 11:10 AM

{Monday, September 29, 2003}

I Lost a Weekend But Gained a Roof
The last old section of roof on my house was beginning to fail miserably to the point where it rained in bathroom whenever it rained outside. So, I spent Saturday and Sunday tearing off the old roof including who knows how old cedar shingles and putting up a new roof. I am blessed to have dedicated friends like M and T.

T is an old friend going back to my first involvement with rowing in Portland in the mid-80's. He has done the lion's share of work on my house for incredibly cheap. However, that work didn't quite get done before starting law school, so it's been on hold for a couple of years.

M is a good friend from lawschool who came over helped me with the grunt work.

And grunt work it was. On Saturday, while we were stripping layers of old roofing off, the temperature rose to the mid 90s. M and I worked from around 10:30 am through 'til 7:30 pm, with a quick break for lunch and T splitting his time between my house and another project. T came back over on Sunday and we got started at around 9:30 am and worked until 4 pm on the installation. Fortunately the temps only reached the upper 80s on Sunday. T will hopefully continue to help me with my house over the years. And, I've promised to help M once he buys a house, but I'm also bringing him a bottle of good scotch to class this evening (so if you are reading this M, expect a nice little present in Patent Litigation tonight).

And through all of that, I only got to study Sunday evening when I was completely wiped. Oh well, like I said, at least I have a roof.

posted by The Brooklynite 10:24 AM

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