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{Wednesday, October 29, 2003}

Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Okay first I squirmed under the utterly amazing illogic of President * on Monday when he claimed that the reasons Iraq is getting continually bombed is because we doing such an amazing job there.

Then came yesterday as I was listening to his bumbling, stumbling press conference, I was again amazed to here him claim that the big banner ("Mission Acomplished") on the USS Lincoln during his "War is Over" speech was put there by the sailors. I'll grant him that the sailors probably physically placed the sign on the ship, but only after it was given to them by *'s henchman, White House Communications Director Scott Sforza. And, only after they were told exactly where to put it so as to maximize its publicity value.

What a crock. Now he is obviously willing to lie about even the little things. Or, he honestly thinks that his own people had nothing to do with it (I'm almost willing to buy that theory).

And finally, there was President *'s ignorant, er folksy, reference to the folks that are systematically and strategically bombing Iraqi police stations as "suiciders." Look that one up in your OED kiddies.

posted by The Brooklynite 7:02 AM

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