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{Wednesday, November 05, 2003}

The future is dark, put on your shades

Day after day more of our young people die in Iraq. Day after day it looks more like we'll have to bear the burden of our occupation of Iraq alone. And then there was this little story on Salon this week about how the current administration is quietly filling long-unfilled spot in local draft boards.

Then there are the 9 Demo hopefuls wasting most of their time sniping at the supposed front-runners. Lieberman, Gephard, Mosely-Braun and Sharpton at the very least should just get the heck out of the way for the sake of the party (and possibly the country).

I can see it now...December 2004, Bush wins another close one by repeating the schismatic demography of the 2000 election in taking all rural states and the south and losing every major metropolitan area in the country (except Houston and Dallas). The American casualty rate will have risen to well over a 1,000 (still paltry compared to Vietnam by the way), and a draft law gets pushed through a kow-towed congress.

Have a good day!

posted by The Brooklynite 9:38 AM

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