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{Monday, November 24, 2003}

R.I.P., my Kitty, Blondie, age ~13

My close friend and companion of just over 9 years passed away yesterday. It was a traumatic experience for us all. She apparently "threw a blod clot" that lodged at the point where her arteries split into her hind legs. She was her fine lumbering self one minute, and then she couldn't use her back legs. The only really fortunate thing was that I was home when it happened. I called my SO, A, who biked back home and we took her to the Dove-Lewis animal hospital in NW Portland. We eventually got to see her and were able to calm her down to the point of actually purring.

We then had to make a very, very tough decision. We were able to pet her as she went to sleep from the anesthetic. She was happy and purring as she slept.

This is hard.

I got her from the humane society in the summer of 1994 along with another cat, Tigger. Blondie was always a big cat. We used to joke about her being big-boned. Prior to the last year or so, she remained active in the spring and summer months, catching many a squirrel and mouse and getting really big rats a couple of times. She used to walk into my room at night to come crawl into bed next me, her very loud purring comforting me as I drifted off to sleep.

I miss Blondie.

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