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{Wednesday, December 03, 2003}

One Down, More to Go?
Bonzi Wells has been banished to Memphis. In exchange the Blazers got an old and maybe worn-out Wesley Person who has been averaging just 5.2 points per game this year (compared to Bonzi's 12.2). But the Blazers did get the Memphis 2004 first round draft pick. The way things are going, the Blazers could end up with two lottery picks next year. Maybe we could trade Wallace to another lottery-bound team and get three.

Now who's next?

Additon [3:35 pm]: Seems that the Grizz get to keep their pick if they land a top three position in the draft. Still, a number 4 pick would be nice.

posted by The Brooklynite 2:14 PM

{Monday, December 01, 2003}

There's a Freight Train Bearin' Down on Me

First off, thanks to all that left comments, emailed me, or called me in the last week sending me their condolences. I was taken aback as to how deeply the loss affected me. The vet from Dove-Lewis even mailed a handwritten note of condolence to me. A is putting together some pictures and artifacts to help us remember her.

Next, however, is that Freight Train called FINALS. I have a major paper due this Friday (an equivalent of a Federal Circuit opinion), a minor paper due next week (five pages or so on the legal constructs of a local start-up company as part of a profile of that company), and four finals (in order, Income Tax, Secured Transactions, Trademark, and Reg. & Ethics). Because I am the student SBA rep to the main faculty committee, I have two faculty meetings to attend during finals. The first one occurs an hour before my Tax final. Oh joy. The second meeting will be much more important; we will be deciding which two faculty candidates to hire.

I'm continuing to work at the firm this week and I'll be attending the firm holiday soiree this Friday evening with A. A and I might head down to Pioneer Square after the event to sip a few pints at the Winter Ale Festival. And then in the morning, we'll be off to Oceanside for my traditional study-fest-at-the-beach. I'm taking the next two weeks off from work to concentrate on finals.

Busy times. But I'm looking forward to finishing this semester. As usual, I'm really looking forward to reading non-law books. My first one will be the latest Neil Stephenson novel. And then I might try to get a copy of Jewel Lansing's history of Portland politics.

Who knows if I'll be adding much this week. But you never know. It is a nice alternative to studying....

posted by The Brooklynite 8:52 AM

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