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{Thursday, January 01, 2004}

Happy New Year!!

And it's snowing again!!!!

I kind of had a white Christmas this year because of a freakish hailstorm that hit my parent's neighborhood and left white hail piled up everywhere. But this is an honest-to-goodness white New Year's Day. They really blew the forecast on this one. I just checked the radar and it doesn't look like it will abate for quite awhile. We've gott probably and inch or two here in Brooklyn but I think we'll end up with much more.

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{Wednesday, December 31, 2003}

Let it Snow...or now rain...or maybe snow later this weekend??

It's been awhile since I've enjoyed a night time walk in the snow in Portland which is exactly what A and I did last night at about 8 pm. The flakes were tiny and light but not much had fallen when we went out to cruise around the Brooklyn neighborhood. In Brooklyn Park we were great by two great big dogs that were obviously loving the snow. By the time we got back home we could hear joyful noises emanating from around the neighborhood of people getting out and enjoying Portland's (as in valley-floor-dwelling-Portland) first significant snow in quite awhile. It was beautiful.

For a wonderful tale of a snowy Portland evening, head on over to read The One True B!x's story of riding the bus down to Pioneer Square where people were building snowmen (complete with a webcam shot of the snowmen in the comments to his posting).

Alas, I got up early this morning and called my firm's snow line only to hear local TV weatherman Rob Marciano's voice telling me thet "Management has asked me to tell you to come on into to work today."

But I'm taking back off in a little bit to take my new kitty, William (he's orange), to the vet to hopefully get something to clear up his upper respiratory issues that the Humane Society warned me would probably happen. I just hope my other kitty, Tigger, hasn't picked it up from William.

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{Tuesday, December 30, 2003}

Back on track?

...or at least getting there. I got off my lazy duff and got out of bed early (still dark out) this morning and went for a run. I think I have gathered all the ills that built up over the last semester and stored them in what has become a little bit of a tummy (actually more than a little for me). It is mind boggling to think that just one year ago I was just past the peak of the training cycle for my first ever marathon and starting to trim the long-run miles down to 18, 14 and then 10 miles. I ran 3 miles this morning at a pace slower than my marathon pace. Ugh! But I guess 17 credits, working part-time and not getting to coach crew added up to really bad habits including not runnning, drinking way too much and working way too hard on school.

Not only did I get to run today, I just met with a local rowing coach and have chosen to help him out over the next 4 or 5 months by coaching his crew. He goes into the hospital this Thursday for major stuff and will be out of commission until around May. He coaches adult rowing here in Portland and I am honored that he asked me to help out with his crew while he was away. This should be fun. I won't be coaching 5 mornings a week (if I did that I'd be back to where I was this last Fall). But 2 or 3 mornings a week should be great. I'll probably do 2 mornings a week with the adults and 1 morning a week with the L&C college program.

Now if I can stick to my own training, I might even run the Portland Marathon next October.

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