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{Friday, January 09, 2004}

NCAA rejects Gateway offer

I can't say I'm suprised that Gateway made a multi-million dollar offer to have USC play LSU. Heck I blogged about that very possiblity back here.

But I'm kind of surpirsed that the money-grubbers at the NCAA didn't bite. It would have made them millions of more dollars on top of the Gateway money. Oh well, they can go on acting like they are an organization overseeing "amateur" sports (kind of like the myth of amateurs in the Olympics that blew up years ago).

posted by The Brooklynite 3:38 PM
Back at Work

Got my pipes fixed yesterday thanks to a very good friend. And now I'm back at work though very few people are here. I kept my chains on my car because otherwise I would not have made it the 100+ feet out of my driveway and onto Milwaukie Avenue. After that, no problems. Now I'm just hoping for that warm wet kiss of the Pacific to melt and wash all this yuck away.

Just in time to start classes on Monday....but, only one more semester to go.

posted by The Brooklynite 9:51 AM

{Wednesday, January 07, 2004}

More travails

It's above freezing at my place or darn close. How do I know? Because me frozen kitchen sink hot water supply just burst. In making the calls to plumbers in the yellow pages, the best I could get was 24-36 hours and usually was being told next Tuesday or Wednesday. So I'm without water, but I do have heat and I don't have to continue wasting water by running trickles out of all of my faucets. Ah the joys of homeowning.

posted by The Brooklynite 3:53 PM
Still at home because of ice

The snow changed to sleet around 1 pm yesterday and never really let up until early this morning. It's lightly sleeting again right now. We're really lucky that it remained as sleet and did not change to freezing rain or we could have had a situation similar to January of 1981 where my family's house was without power for over a week. However, because it did not change to freezing rain, that means the cold air, thanks to the Columbia River Gorge, is still with us. At least my thermometer is up to 25 F this morning.

Oh well, this has given me a chance to concentrate on my IP moot court briefs. I'm taking care of the patent issues and my partner is taking care of the trade dress issues. We have to hand in a finished product tomorrow for our in-school competition. Then, if we end up as one of the top two school teams, we'll head down to the regional competition in the Bay Area mid-March. Last year, I competed with a different partner and we made it to the semi-finals at regionals. This year, our honest-to-goodness goal is to outright win regionals. That means I have to get back to editing my partner's work and applying the edits he gave me for my part of the briefs.

posted by The Brooklynite 9:06 AM

{Tuesday, January 06, 2004}

Furnace is back up and running! Yeah!!!

The repair guy was great and I feel no shame in throwing him some free advertising. He was from Temp-A-Cure, Inc. They were the only ones willing to come over today and he was fast, effective and really nice on top of it. Of course I'm $318 out (time to go deposit a couple of checks I meant to deposit yesterday).

posted by The Brooklynite 1:50 PM
And now it gets colder (inside)

My furnace stopped working around 10 am. I actually have a service man coming over in the next half hour or so. Hopefuly he can resurrect the blower. He's here now...

posted by The Brooklynite 1:12 PM

{Monday, January 05, 2004}

Hunkerin' down

Well the toilet water supply line froze as well as the hot water line in the kitchen sink. But we still have both hot and cold in the tub, hot in the bathroom sink and cold in the kitchen sink and, thankfully, the washer still worked because I really needed to do laundry.

It's a little after 10 pm and still no snow, but the radar on the NWS site shows it finally breaking through the East Wind and it should start snowing here in the next half hour or so. I just hope the it stays as snow and doesn't turn into another Ice Storm like in 1981.

Stay Warm folks.

posted by The Brooklynite 10:16 PM

It was 21 degrees this morning according to the thermometer in my car. I lost my cold water supply line to my bathroom sink because of the deep freeze but the rest of the pipes seem to be doing okay. I left the tub, the kitchen sink and the bathroom sink on at a trickle but I guess I didn't leave the cold water on high enough in the bathroom sink. I really, really hope I don't have to deal with a busted pipe. I'm going to get into the crawlspace to check that out when I get home.

Then there's this forecast for some god-awful weather in the next 24 hours. Looks like we will see a lot of snow to begin with and then the warm wet kiss of the Pacific will cause a change rain but with a bit of freezing rain before then. We haven't had a good city-wide ice storm in, I'm guessing, over 20 years. So there will be lots of trees taking a big hit and I expect widespread power outages.

Oh...and the BCS was a complete f#$%-up. USC should of been playing LSU just like two years ago when Miami should have been playing the Ducks.

posted by The Brooklynite 2:11 PM

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