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{Friday, January 30, 2004}

A short note now, and lengthy rant later...

First off, I am so surprised that both Bojack and The One True B!x have not reported on the latest exploding whale incident. First, the almost mythical story of the Oregon Exploding Whale actually did occur with videotaped evidence from local TV news and respected reporter, Paul Linnman on the scene. But now we have a new and even more exciting story from Taiwan. While in Oregon they were ridiculously trying to dispose of the dead mammal through dynamite, in Taiwan the beast spontaneously exploded in the middle of the city on the back of a flatbed truck with lots of tourists very close by taking pictures. The pictures from Yahoo! news say a lot.

As far as rants go, this state is about to get what it deserves and has asked for: massive cuts in state services. I'll rant more later

posted by The Brooklynite 2:15 PM

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