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{Friday, February 06, 2004}

Well, I forgot to rant...

Measure 30 failed, so the Governor should accede to the demands of the voters and implement the cuts outlined by the legislature. It was not surprising that the measure failed in Multnomah County. It would have been more interesting, at least in this county, if County Chairwoman Diane Linn had promised a roll-back of the local tax. The most interesting part was the fact that the measure failed in every single county except Benton. That means the measure failed even in the most economically depressed counties that will feel the worst of the budget cuts.

Enough of that.

Have a nice weekend everyone. And oh, be sure to check out this article from salon about how President * missed almost a whole year of his National Guard duty in the middle of the Vietnam War without any reprecussions.

posted by The Brooklynite 1:53 PM

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