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{Saturday, February 14, 2004}

Marriage San Francisco Style

Fun times in SF the last couple of days. I read last night that through Friday, 65 gay couples had been issued marriage certificates. Being a numbers guy, I love the numbers about the first couple married: ages 83 and 79, years together 51. Yes, that's right. 51 friggin' years together. How long did Britney Spears stay in her oh so sanctified heterosexual marriage? Something like less than 24 hours.

From a legal standpoint I find it incredibly interesting. I'm wondering how the conservative "family values" group can show standing to sue on this issue. How the heck can they show injury??? Maybe California's standing requirements are like Oregon's and require far les than what the US Supreme Court requires with federal courts. But that would definitely be my lead argument if I worked for the City of San Francisco's legal department. In my opinion, only the state government has standing to sue the city and not some uninvolved third party.

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{Monday, February 09, 2004}

'Sheed Era Over

Yup. They finally pulled the trigger and traded Rasheed Wallace away. He's actually been playing some amazing ball lately. And getting traded to Atlanta. OUCH. They are really bad and they just got rid of their best player and a center. I just checked the box score for tonight's game between Dallas and Atlanta. The interesting numbers are as follows: Abdur-Rahim 27 pts 10 rebounds, Ratliff 8 pts 10 rebounds, Dickau 2 points in 7 minutes. And the really fun number for Rasheed to get used to dealing with: Attendence for tonight's game in Atlanta was "officially" 9,713. That is around 3k short of a sellout in the old Memorial Coliseum. And it took a little bit of googling but that is out of a possible capacity of 20,000 in Atlanta's Phillips Arena. That is a lot of empty seats.

Tomorrow night's game against the Jazz just got a little more interesting.

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