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{Thursday, March 04, 2004}

The Wedding Got Moved Up

Last night, my girlfriend and I attended a somewhat hastily put together but still meaningful wedding of two female friends. I'm so happy for both of them. And I have to say it was cool to witness/participate in cultural history. It was a small gathering (on purpose) and our friends are particularly concerned that the spotlight not alight upon them but stay focused upon the couples marrying yesterday (and today and tomorrow and ...) that have been together for decades.

They still plan to have the formal ceremony with family and friends in May for which I get to brew a batch of beer.

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{Tuesday, March 02, 2004}

Multnomah County to join in the fun...

I just heard and read that Multnomah County will begin issuing marriage licenses to gay couples. I have two friends that are already in the midst of planning a real wedding for May. Looks like they might just have a license to go with it.

And I'm still waiting for a rational (and I repeat rational) argument against gay marriages. Don't we desire as a society for people to live in the stabilizing (for the most part) environment of married couples. The legal advantages given to married couples are not limited to just married couples with kids. Why continue to marginalize people.

Oh that's right. They don't really exist in the minds of some people.

posted by The Brooklynite 6:09 PM

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