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{Friday, March 12, 2004}

Traumatic sad morning, William the Orange Kitty, RIP

On my way home from crew practice, just a block and a half from my home, I saw a kitty that had been hit and killed. As I avoided it I realized the kitty looked way too familiar. I immediately pulled over, jumped out and found my poor little William kitty frightfully run over and dead on Milwaukie Avenue. I didn't know what to do. I went home and called the county animal control but they said they would not be able to do anything until Monday. I then called A to tell her the horrible, horrible news. After that conversation I got a shovel and a plastic garbage bag heading out with the intention of giving him a burial in our garden. However, someone had already removed his carcass.

Then I had to go to work to get photographed for the firm website. And I have our final moot court practice this evening before we head to regionals next week. And, I'm taking the MPRE exam tomorrow morning.

I just miss William. He had become such a great friend who was good at giving kitty love.

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{Tuesday, March 09, 2004}

First of Many Goals Achieved

I was given fantastic news yesterday. The firm I have been clerking at has decided to extend me an offer which I will glady, enthusiastically take. I finally have a little bit of security heading into the next few years. I really gambled when I walked away from a perfectly good engineering job of 12 years to attend law school and pursue my interests in law and patents. I still have to finish the semester which includes finishing my research paper and then I have the bar exam in July. I'm really looking forward to August.

posted by The Brooklynite 7:58 AM

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