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{Tuesday, March 23, 2004}

A Morning Institution Ends

I just found out that NPR is booting Bob Edwards from his longtime (since 1979) post as host of Morning Edition. He has become an American Institution. And to be forced out??

It's already bad enough when local OPB switches their morning hosts on an almost rotating basis just when you finally get used to one. OPB's latest host can't even pronounce Oregon/Portland names right. My favorite recent gaffe of hers occurred during a traffic report when she reported that a bridge over the Columbia Sluff (ie slough as in "slew") would be closed.

Is NPR caught in the typical radio business commercially-based decisions??? Too bad. I'll miss Bob's regularly appearing (hmm that may not be the right descriptor), dulcet tones.

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{Monday, March 22, 2004}

More Moot Court

I was just informed via email that I earned the Best Oral Advocate award for the regional competition for the second year in a row. We left yesterday before the final round because we could catch an earlier flight home that way. Last year, the organizer hinted that I should stay for the final round and did. This year I think we escaped without her notice. But it does make me feel better about the weekend. We at least did as well as last year and as a school improved because we fielded a second team that won in the first round. Next year I hope L&C goes even farther and takes a team to nationals.

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Post Moot Court

We made it to the semifinals again and once again we were edged out by BYU's first team. However, we feel we argued better then them in that semi round. All we can guess is that their appellee brief score was higher than our appellate brief score. It was very frustrating because we thought we had higher brief scores (in general) than BYU this year as compared to last year. But because of how this particular moot court works, there is absolutely no transparency within the judging/scoring process so we are left not really knowing what we should work on so as to improve for next time. Not that I get another chance at it since I am graduating this May. Oh well, we did well and got ever so close to going to nationals. I told my partner, who is a second year, he really has to take it farther next year.

Now it is back to work during my Spring Break, figuring out how to schedule my time this week so that I can finish one research paper and start another. Oh yeah, and fill out the lengthy, lenghty bar application before the end of the week.

posted by The Brooklynite 12:13 PM

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