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{Friday, May 21, 2004}

I'm Baaack!!!

My absence can only be explained by the extreme stress of the last two months of law school. But that is all over now. I passed all my classes, even getting my second Law School "A" in Property Transactions. Tonight I am attending an award ceremony for the law school's Cornelius Honor Society (or something of that sort). I was surprised and honored to receive this award. It is not as if I am at the top of my class. In fact, I believe I am almost exactly at the 50 percentile level finishing law school just 14 thousandths of a point below a 3.0.

Tomorrow is graduation and looks like it will unfortunately be inside the gym instead of outside because of rain. But there may still be hope...

In the afternoon, I'll be joining my family and friends at the eastside Lucky Lab to celebrate this accomplishment. If anybody actually even bothers to check this blog any more, you are welcome to join me there. Informal festivities are due to start around 2 pm and last until the early evening.

Who knows maybe such blogging celebs as Jack Bog and B!x will show.

Monday I start Barbri bar review classes and I plan on working in the afternoons at my wonderful new job. I'm taking July off from work to concentrate solely on the bar exam.

And now for my political/current events observation of the day: Regarding the raid on Chalabi in Iraq, he was never liked nor respected by Iraqis. Maybe this "raid" will give him enough cachet with Iraqis to ensure his inclusion in the next Iraqi protectorate, er, government. He's been in the back pocket of Cheney and company from the beginning. Then again maybe I'm just a little too cynical. Except my comments to some friends just over a year ago seem to have true. When his Imperialness, President *, landed on that aircraft carrier and declared hostilities to be over, I commented that this statement meant any new prisoners would not be considered to officially be prisoners of war.

hopefully I'll be able to hit this a little more often.

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