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{Saturday, January 15, 2005}

Hmmm. My last post may have jinxed us. The following are scenes of our wintry weather. Oh well. It is supposed to be 56 degrees by Thursday.

posted by The Brooklynite 4:50 PM

{Wednesday, January 12, 2005}

It may be snowing and ragin' elsewhere in the country. This view typifies our mild Oregon winter. It's a view out the back window of our house.

posted by The Brooklynite 9:54 PM

{Tuesday, January 11, 2005}

On Saturday, I captured this shot of snow at the top of Cape Lookout with the breakers from the beach at oceanside in the foreground. It never quite snowed on the beach.

posted by The Brooklynite 6:27 PM

{Sunday, January 09, 2005}

Big News!! I proposed to A on Friday at the Beach. Thankfully, she accepted.

posted by The Brooklynite 4:57 PM

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