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{Thursday, March 10, 2005}

This is a shot of the Willamette River from the Lewis & Clark College Sailing dock looking north toward the Sellwood Bridge. I took it as I was leaving from another beautiful morning crew practice.

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{Tuesday, March 08, 2005}

The official high at the airport was 72 today. Therefore, time for a margarita. And, I am of the school that margaritas do not contain "margarita mix" or "sweet-n-sour" mix. All you really need is good tequila (check!), cointreau (check!) and real lime juice (check!). No salt for me.

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{Sunday, March 06, 2005}

A planted beautiful crocuses this year.

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There was a party on Lafayette Street last night. It was this guy's birthday:

There was fun painting with spray paints on a big swath of cardboard. Here, A is enjoying herself:

She painted "LAFAYETTE" on the cardboard. Fun was had by all.

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