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{Thursday, July 28, 2005}

Beer, beer, wonderful beer!!!

Tomorrow I'll head out of work early (~1 pm or so) to attend the 18th Annual Oregon Brewer's Festival.

posted by The Brooklynite 8:35 PM

{Sunday, July 24, 2005}

Owie, owie!!

A and I are sore after a long weekend of sharing a rented full-size drop-box with our neighbors. She cleared out the basement and both of us worked at clearing out a big pile. Here's the before picture of the pile:

And here's the after picture:

posted by The Brooklynite 9:14 PM
More Kitty Pictures

Our Bo likes to hang out in the jungle.

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful

posted by The Brooklynite 9:11 PM

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