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{Friday, April 07, 2006}

Kitten in a box

Everyone loves a kitten in a box. And Oscar loves boxes.

I ran ever so briefly yesterday evening. It seemed like forever for me to recover. I do not like starting over from scratch, but I need to do it. Weight this morning: steady at 168. Resting HR: a healthy 66.

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{Thursday, April 06, 2006}

I'm back (maybe...we'll see)

It's been a busy number of months in my life since I last posted. Not long after the bike ride, we acquired a new kitten from the Humane Society as a friend for our wonderful cat, Bo. Badger was his name and he was so cute as can be seen here:

I use the past tense because, unfortunately, he was taken away from us rather quickly by a disease named FIP. He was put to sleep on Monday, October 24, just two days after our big wedding bash. Oh, I also got married since I last posted. We were wedded in my parents' backyard on October 15. We spent some time at Oceanside on the Oregon Coast for a mini-moon (see photo below) before hosting a big, raucous party on the 22nd that included over 150 guests and our favorite local band, Buds of May.

We had a wonderful first "married Christmas" complete with a tree and these two ornaments:

We then acquired another kitten from the Humane Society, a little 6-month old orange tabby named Oscar. He is very healthy and gets along great with Bo. They usually have wrestling practice at least once in the morning and once in the evening:

I've also weathered a personal mental crisis that got pretty severe, especially for usually cocky and self-assured me. This all came to a head in January and it led me to take a turn in my career path, but at least our min-irises were blossoming:

I got extrememly lucky and was able to land on my feet as an in-house IP attorney at a local corporation that, lets just say, I have close ties to. My first day of work at the new job happened to land on Fat Tuesday. A and I still went ahead and hosted the 2nd Annual Krewe of Lafayette Mardi Gras Ball that included a guest appearance from a dear friend from Redding, CA and the second annual Krew of Lafayette Parade. The parade may be the shortest Mardi Gras parade around, travelling our short block on Lafayette from Milwaukie Ave to 13th Ave. Here's an altered picture I included in our evite:

Well, now that life is settling down a little for me, I have found that I need to take care of my physical health better. This morning I weighed in at 168 pounds, the highest of my life (I weighed a mere 125 pounds when I was a coxswain in college 20 years ago). I need to start running again and plan to do so this evening. I can;t run tomorrow morning or Saturday morning because I am going to be helping out the LC crew because they are short a coach this weekend. Oh well, I try to periodically report my weight and resting hear rate as an inspiration for me to keep after it and inspiration to get after this blog again.

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