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{Thursday, April 13, 2006}

Happy Easter!!

We've taken to "dressing" our flamingos for various holidays. It started two xmas's ago when we placed a santa hat on our one flamingo. This year I purchased a second flamingo with a working motor and we added a wreath to the xmas display. We had 'em in beads and masks for Mardi Gras. And now we have Easter Flamingos. The tulips add a nice touch.

Ran my short run again this morning. It's starting to hurt less. Morning weight, 166. Resting HR, 68.

posted by The Brooklynite 9:31 AM

{Sunday, April 09, 2006}

Swollen Paw

Our little kitten Oscar successfully caught a bee right out of mid-air resulting him getting stung. He is otherwise fine and doesn't even really favor the swollen paw. It seems like it itches.

Weight this morning after breakfast: 165.

posted by The Brooklynite 3:17 PM

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