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{Saturday, April 22, 2006}

Happy Earth Day!!

Greetings from our little blue dot. It is also my parents' 45th wedding anniversy (yeah Mom and Dad!) and my old roommate's 39th b-day (Happy Birthday Z!).

A & I made a road trip to Portland Nursery and spent the rest of our wedding gift certificates on compost, a fuschia, some flowers and some bean seeds. Before, I got started digging in the dirt, which is an appropriate Earth Day activity, I decided to get out the hammock for the first weekend-hammock-nap of the year:

A joined me little later and helped me snooze:

Bo even jumped up, but only briefly. He does not like the swaying motion:

Our tulips are peaking this weekend. I expect the current stiff Northerly breeze to knock the petals off.

First off, a fire red tulip that came with the house when I bought it back in '94:

Next, the red and white variety that has now opened up:

And finally for today, a top view of a dark, dark purple variety that is almost black:

One more item: be sure to click on the view of the earth at the top of blog. It will show you dots of locations of people viewing this blog. It's pretty cool and free if you get less than 2,500 hits a day, which this blog will probably never top. In my first day of use, I got a hit from southern China.

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{Thursday, April 20, 2006}

Spring has finally sprung

It seems like in the last four or five days our crab apple trees have exploded with blossoms. And yesterday was the official first 70 degree day of the year with the official Portland temperature out at the airport reaching 70 in the early evening. After attempting to rototill parts of my yard (still too muddy), we had dinner and I made some kick-booty 70-degree-day margaritas (remember, the recipe is simple: top shelf tequila, cointreau, fresh lime juice, shake and serve on the rocks).

posted by The Brooklynite 9:03 AM

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