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{Monday, May 01, 2006}

Alis Volat Propiis

We went to the beach this weekend so that I could attend a patent law conference. A got in some great beach combing and on Sunday morning the weather cleared up for a nice walk on the Siletz Bay Spit that is part of the Salishan resort.

On the way home, we finally took the time to stop at the Air Museum in McMinnville. It was well worth the visit. It reminded me a lot of my visit to parts of the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum almost 20 years ago.

First off, the artistic, with a shot of the inside of a Titan II rocket nozzle:

Next, a frontal shot of the engine nacell of a SR-71 spy plane (the coolest plane, ever!!!) and then a shot of the SR-71 engine:

And finally, the main attraction for most visitors (did I mention the SR-71 is the coolest plane ever?) is the gigantic Spruce Goose. This giant air transport seaplane was built by Howard Hughes and flown only once for about one minute. This shot hopefully captures some of the scale of huge flying machine with the tail dwarfing all of the other planes and museum visitor providing some size context:

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