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{Friday, May 12, 2006}

Mandatory Rhododendron Post

Our magnificient Rhody is in full blossom again. I just love the bright white with purple center.

Our Columbines we planted a few years have continued to return.

The mild spring and my absence from coaching crew has let me get an earlier start on the yard and garden. I've already rototilled the major portions including where my old metal shed used to be:

I've already planted two varieties of pumpkins, some pickling cucumbers and a variety of sunflowers in this space. We'll fill it in with flowers this weekend. I still have quite a few plants in trays that need to be planted:

And, last year A got me a hops plant that didn't do so well, mostly due to poor location. But in that very same location, the vine has come back even stronger:

I'm thinking of moving it in the pot out to the telephone pole and running the string way up high.

I gave myself even more motivation to continue running by entering A and I into the Rose Festival Downtown Duathlon, which is next Sunday. I'll do a 5k run, then A will do the 30k bike leg, and then I will complete the event with the second 5k run. I'm still painfully slow and working both my legs and lungs back into shape. But it is getting incremently better each time I head out to run. The weight hasn't improved. I'm sitting right at 170 these days. Oh well. I know it is going to take most of the summer to work my way back into an acceptable shape.

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