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{Wednesday, May 24, 2006}

The Rains Return

After a wonderfully dry number of weeks, a consistent rain has returned to the Rose City. Though, it is a strange rain being circulated up from the south by an upper level low. We even had some spectacular little thunderboomers on Sunday afternoon and Sunday evening. Last night, A & I had dinner outside in the rain under a canopy next to our chimenea. We were outside mainly because PGE was replacing some transformers across the street necessitating a multi-hour power outage. The new transformers will allow our cool glass-artist neighbor to run his new kiln.

Here are a couple of nice post-rain flower pics (Just for you Andy B):

Rose festival is right around the corner. In fact, A & I particiapted in the first official event of the festival, the Downtown Duathlon. We achieved our primary goals of finishing and not getting injured. We were slow but we had fun. A really enjoyed the bicycle leg and wants to do more now. I need to keep running to get my leg strangth and cardio-vasuclar health back up to snuff. My weight was down to 165 on Sunday.

Here's a couple of more pics of the yard. First, I added a funky little wooden bridge that is obviously ornamental but also provides a pathway over a flower bed to the central part of the yard:

And, an updated shot of the garden plot, of which I posted a picture a couple of weeks ago. The pumpkins and sunflowers are up. I added a hazlenut shell compost as a path and A planted some flowers. I'll include more shots from the same angle as the summer goes by:

I'm off to Philadelphia tomorrow morning. I'm going to surprise the rowers of the Lewis & Clark College varsity women's 8+ by showing up to cheer them on Friday at the NCAA Women's Rowing Championships. Then I'm going to enjoy the NCAA men's lacrosse final 4 with some friends from upstate NY. It's a 40th birthday present to myself (my birthday is coming up very soon).

See ya.

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