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{Wednesday, June 07, 2006}

Drifting Down the Willamette

Last weekend A & I helped out once again with the 8th Corvallis-to-Portland Row, or CPR VIII as it is known. I stayed on land this year to help coordinate the rest stops, Saturday Dinner, Sunday breakfast and the overall timing of the rowers. I sent the results to Row2k, but Ed hasn't posted them yet.

One of the cool parts of this crazy day-and-a-half long row is going through the navigational locks at Willamette Falls in Oregon City/West Linn. Following are some fun pictures from this year's locks traversal.

It gets a little crowded but we were able to fit all 10 shells and the three safety launches in:

Primary organizer, Tiff Wood, here is giving commands to the shells in the locks (yes rowers, he is that Tiff Wood; for the rest of you, read the book "The Amateurs"):

Did I mention that it is crowded in the locks?

Here, the last set of locks is being lowered:

With the last lock gates open, they're off for the final 11 miles to Oaks Park:

After exiting the locks, they pass under the Oregon City Bridge and continue on North to the finish line.

Now, for all of you dropping by to browse through my pics, please leave a comment and let me know what you think. I'd like to find out who all those red dots on the map in the upper left corner of the blog are.


Oh. I turn 40 this coming Sunday. Not sure what to think about that yet.

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