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{Saturday, March 17, 2007}

The Spirit of Halloween...

...filled our home (as usual). A got busy and after she filled our home with lots and lots of Halloween goodies she added more to the yard transforming this flower patch into a Halloween greeting:

And then she did a great job of dressing up our flamingos as trick-or-treaters complete with tiara for the princess:

We went to my sister's annual pumpkin carving gathering and chili feed. What used to be a gagle of toddlers has become a group of elementary school kids. Lots of pumkins were carved and lit:

And I participated for the first time at my still relatively new job in the office Halloween activities. My contribution, beyond dressing up as an evil lawyer in suit, tie and horns, was this big jello brain.

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A Late Fall Harvest

After returning from New York, we were graced with yet more sunny and relatively warm weather that allowed A and I to get one more big harvest from the garden. Here's a shot of the overall bounty inlcuding lettuce, peppers, tomatoes of various ripeness and tomotillas that never really did fully ripen:

The peppers we stashed away and dried. In mid-March we're still dipping into the peppers for occasional meals.

The pupmkin patch produced wonderfully round jack-o-lantern-ready pumpkins.

Our flowers even kept blooming late into October. Heck, with the weather we had I was forced to mow the lawn one last time after Halloween.

But Fall was creeping up on us as the leaves from the crab apple trees showed us. It was just a week later that record rainfalls came roaring over us as a big wet, warm kiss of the Pacific.

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