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{Tuesday, March 20, 2007}

More Views of Our Feline Companions

Continuing in my attempt to play catch-up with this blog, I moved onto my December 2006 picture directory and decided we needed a special post dedicated to our cats, especially since most of the photos stored in that directory seem to be of them.

First, a reintroduction. Here is Bo and Oscar enjoying a fleece blanket nap with A. Bo absolutely cannot resist the fleece blanket on the couch and even more so if there is a human under said fleece blanket:

And Oscar likes to settle down in strange places:

And as I've posted before nobody can resist a kitty in a box. First we have Oscar investigating a partially unpacked box of xmas decorations:

And then Bo had to make sure the same box was thoroughly investigated:

The two of them have got along pretty darn well from the very first day we brought Oscar home to Bo just over a year ago. Here they are kind of sharing the heat emanating from the furnace vent shown in the right side of the picture. Of course, mr. alpha cat, Bo, is hogging most of the heat:

They even somtimes, though rarely, will even sleep next to each other. Mostly this has occurred at night when it was the colder parts of the winter, but this photo shows their eagerness to share human and fleece warmth:

And oh do they like to have fun together. Their usual routine is to greet A who gets home from work before I do, and then settle down with her as she either sits down or relaxes on the couch. Soon as I get home, they get all riled up and end up chasing each other and wrestling all around the living room. This is a great example of some kitty wrestling including Oscar bunny kicking Bo's head:

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{Sunday, March 18, 2007}

The Garden Plot in Review

With the recent nice 70 degree weather (last year that didn't happen until mid-April), my thoughts turn to my yard. Yesterday I mowed the lawn for the first time this season. We've already had crocuses and mini-irises come and go and the daffodils fill our neighborhood.

Last year I created a garden space where once stood an ugly metal shed and I documented its progress and decline over the season with photographs. I thought it would be fun to republish the pictures in order of time.

First up, the plot as it was in early May before planting began:

Next, the plot in later May after planting but before much growth:

Then, the plot starting to rev up in early July:

The garden in the full lushness of late July:

Peak harvest time of early September:

The plot in the decline of late October:

And finally, the die off in November:

This next year will be a far different year for our yard. We made the momentous decision earlier this year to punt on remodeling and instead have our hose completely demolished to have a new house built in its place. Here's a link to a preview of the plans we have for the house. We also intend to have a two-story garage built right about where the garden plot was. Here's a link to the preview of the plans for the garage. I'm intending to photographically document the progess of this huge undertaking. Keep cheking in for pictures of demolition, excavation and eventually construction.

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